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When you get a bill from ESWE Versorgungs AG it is easy to get an overview of your consumption: page 1 of the bill summarizes your annual consumption bill. This includes: billing period, billing amount, payments effected. Page 2 lists the amounts and due dates of your future installment amounts.

If you require more information you can trace the calculation of the billing amount on the basis of the billing data. In addition, we show you a comparative values table on your current annual consumption and consumption during the preceding year. For this purpose, calculation details (electricity/natural gas) are shown in columns on the following pages, providing you with all relevant data. The calculation details are broken down into the paragraphs consumption calculation and amount calculation.

At the bottom of your bill we have summarized all important product-specific information as well as useful tips for you under “Current Service Information”.

1. Contract account

The contract account (customer number) is the most important identification feature. We can process your telephone calls and correspondence more efficiently with this number. If you do not specify your customer number in the credit transfer, for example, or if it is wrong, we will be unable to place your payment and accordingly, we will not be able to balance your account. The consequence may be extra charges for payment reminders and in the extreme case even shutdown of supply.

We kindly request you to always specify the correct and complete customer number - in telephone calls and correspondence, but in particular when making your payments.

2. Billing period

This is the period covered by the entire annual consumption bill. The starting and end dates are identical with the old and new meter reading dates, which you can trace in the technical section of the calculation details.

3. Billing information

The most important billing totals are shown in this section. You can see at one glance which types of energy (electricity, natural gas) we supply to you. In the line Electricity you can see how high your energy consumption is. The amount already paid in the installments (payments toward energy consumption) is set off. This shows the remaining amount to be paid or a credit.
Last accounts day: On this date we recorded the last payment receipt. This shows you whether your last payment was already accounted for or not.

4. Installments

Installments are part payments that you made on a monthly basis to ESWE. For this reason, when the annual consumption bill arrives you do not need to pay the entire amount at once, as you have already paid monthly installments The greater the monthly installment, the greater the likelihood that no more follow-up payments will be necessary. We will give you credits where you paid more than the total amount due.

5. Payment amount

The payment amount is broken down into the total amount and the payments effected (installments). This leaves a remainder to be paid or credits. If you pay the billing or installment amounts per credit transfer we are reminding you here-once only- that we expect receipt of payment of our outstanding claims by the latest by the specified due dates. If we have direct debit authorization we will inform you in this line from which bank and from which account the billing or installment amount is debited on the due date.

6. Installment information

In this line we inform you about the breakdown and amount of the new monthly installments as well as of the exact due dates. The basis for stipulating the new installment amounts is the annual consumption shown on the current annual consumption bill, taking into account the corresponding product prices that are current or still in planning.

7. Meter point specification

The meter point is a clear identification point which must be specified on every bill. It is a unique meter point of energy supply for this consumption point.

8. Meter statuses and consumption values

Here you will find the data that are necessary for determining consumption and for the specified period: the number of the meter, its reading dates and reading values ( “old” and “new”) as well as the resulting consumption. In addition you can check here whether the meters were read, estimated or whether your own reading was accounted for. On the basis of your consumption you can see how your consumption behavior is categorized using the table “comparable electricity”.

9. Rate

Under “Rate” you will find the rate you chose at ESWE Versorgungs AG. Depending on the rate, it is composed of a basic price and a work price. This work price is multiplied by your consumption (kWh). The basic price is then added to the total of the work price. You may also have opted for a rate which includes different price levels (e.g. day and night rates), which are then accordingly shown separately.

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